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Atami Root Bastic 250ml

€ 47,95

This high quality root supplement promotes the development of roots and root hairs.
This means a larger root system and many small capillaries whereby all the nutrients they may best be absorbed by the plant. In addition, this product increases the resistance so that the plant is less susceptible to stress from the outside.

Application: First 3 weeks of the growth stage of the crop.
Shake well before use.

Dosage: 0.1 to 0.3 ml per liter of nutrient solution. Gives an increase in the E.C. value to the basic nutrient solution.

NPK: 4-14-4 W / W

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Today, liquid plant nutrition, bio-stimulators, and substrates have become essential in the life of both the professional and the hobby grower. To meet this growing demand Atami BV has been busy since 1997 to compose the best for your crop. By continuously testing and improving its products, Atami can meet high quality standards. This quickly led to a wide selection for any method of growing.
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