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Balkonton Chiliton 4 gaten

€ 195,00

Who would not want organic strawberries, vegetables and herbs from the garden. This seems reserved only for those with a large piece of land, super green fingers and a lot of free time. The Balkonton can get everyone started. You compost & create organic waste, helps the bees and pick yourself the benefits!

Vertical Gardening in Balkonton can be done standing, sitting or even in a wheelchair. You do not need soil to dig or every year to provide heavy flowerpots with new earth. If you have your Balkonton once installed composting worms do the heavy lifting for you. The worms tossing the earth and provide him with compost. So you just have to sow and harvest. (And give water course)

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With the vertical gardens can again boost your creativity. By using the latest techniques, you can now build gardens like never before. Your own sea of ​​flowers on a wall or a nice herb garden on the balcony.

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