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The best storage methods for your garden harvest by Piers Warren

€ 14,95

Enjoy the year-round home grown vegetables and fruit. Who has a few fruit trees or berry bushes behind in the garden or on a separate piece of land has been reserved for potatoes, lettuce or leeks, know that nothing tastes sweeter than fruits and vegetables that you have grown yourself. A practical problem for most hobby gardeners is that most fruits and vegetables are ripe in about the same period, in the summer months. Who wants to enjoy during the rest of the year of his precious harvest should also know exactly how he can keep the surplus fruit and vegetables for a long time .



In this practical book all custody and inmaakmethoden discussed in detail, drying and freezing to ensiling large quantities and making jams and jellies. In the extended alphabetical list can also be found for each fruit or vegetable to grow the most recommended varieties themselves, as well as the best conservation methods and inmaakrecepten. That way you can tuck still lovely in the winter months of your garden harvest!

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