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Canna Bio Boost 1 liter

€ 37,50

BioBOOST is a yield increasing agent for all cultivation systems and can be applied in combination with all CANNA's nutritional lines and additives. BioBOOST is not a nutrient but a natural fermented plant extract with bloom stimulating characteristics that are also responsible for a more round flavor. BioBOOST was developed by Canna Research from plant extracts from tropical rainforests and is a true boost for plants. The bioactive substances result in a heightened metabolism that is exactly what the plant needs during the blooming period. The plants produce more fructose, become healthier and stronger and are less vulnerable to diseases and plagues.

The Introduction of BIOCANNA fertilizers makes the first liquid biological fertilizers a reality.

BIOCANNA has been developed from the point of view of organic farming and is also based on direct as well as indirect nutrition to the plant. This means that BIOCANNA products stimulate the micro flora around the roots, which helps the plant absorb the necessary nutrients and also protects the plant's root environment. A complex ecosystem is created, and it is kept in balance at all times by the plants in conjunction with other organisms.

BIOCANNA fertilizers are produced following a complex process. An important step in this process is fermentation. Fermentation is the breaking down of complex substances by means of micro-organisms. Among other things, fermentation is used in the production of wine and beer.

After years of research on special micro-organisms and vegetable raw produce, Canna Research has succeeded in developing a 100%-controlled fermentation process. This makes it possible to obtain a consistent product with exactly the right mineral composition and organic ingredients. The substances in BIOCANNA products are immediately absorbable, and stimulate the plant's metabolism and resistance. In addition, they improve the soil quality and the bio diversity.

Thanks to their unique fermentation process, BIOCANNA products are rich in bioactive substances, such as fruit acids and oligosaccharines.

Easily absorbable in a wide pH range.

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CANNA proudly presents the revolutionary and newly developed organic product line: "BIOCANNA". BIOCANNA products are 100% natural and meet all the requirements for organic farming. This means they are legally checked and guaranteed ORGANIC!
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