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Cocoblok XL Rhiza 70 Liter U-Gro

€ 13,00

U-gro coconut stone XL 70 liter with rhiza is a 5 kg block pressed and dried coconut substrate, with a low percentage of fiber, enriched with endomycorrhizae.
The XL format makes it an economical solution.
With 28 liters of water, it delivers up to 70 liters of coconut.
It is suitable for all types of crops, both indoors and outdoors.
Perfect for short and seasonal crops.

Endomycorrhizal fungi promote the absorption of nutrients in the plants.
The fungus grows in the front by splitting and drilling through the soil.
In this way the mold absorbs moisture and minerals from the soil.
With the back, the fungus is anchored in the root of a plant for the absorption of energy.
For this the juice flow of the plant is used.
This social process is of great importance for the fungus and the plant.
In exchange for a small part of the energy that the plant gets from the sun, the fungus gives water and minerals to the plant. Mycorrhizal fungi offer many other benefits for the plant.
One of the most important advantages is that the roots become less susceptible to disease.
The Mycorrhiza fungi provide maximum results when fertilizing all plants in the garden.

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