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Dimlux Expert Series 1000W EL UHF (400V)

€ 490,00 € 392,00

The new 1000W MKII fixture has an increased boost of 1200W, the highest on the market. Outperforms any 1000W fixture and even any 1250W (DE) fixture on the market in terms of PAR output, efficiency and PAR maintenance.
To make optimal use of the increased boost a newly developed DXO Output HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE EL bulb has been installed which has superior properties. Normal 1000W bulbs degrade rapidly above 900W in PAR maintenance. Super long-lasting – stays 95% efficient after 10000h operation

When paired with the included Ultra Optics 98 reflector that is 98% reflective Miro Silver, the fixture produces a whopping PPF of 2107 μmol/s at 1000W. This light has eight dimming levels including an overdrive feature that boosts the PPF to 2528 μmol/s at 1200W.

The Ultra Optics 98 reflector was designed on the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle. This means EVERY photon will only “bounce” once with the reflector before heading onto your canopy. The provides longer lamp life and a cooler operating temperature. A 50mm socket on top of the hood allows air to passively rise above the fixture that can also be extracted with an exhaust fan. This leads to LOWER COOLING COSTS.

  • Bulb: DXO HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE EL
  • Light Output PAR (PPF 400-700nm):
    2558μmol/s @1200W
  • Light Output PAR Total (PPF 350-800nm):
    2813μmol/s @1200W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR (PPE 400-700nm):
    2,07μmol/J @1150-1200W
  • Photon Efficacy PAR Total (PPE 350-800nm):
    2,27μmol/J @1150-1200W
  • Available in 230V, 277V
  • Lamp: Dimlux Xtreme Output HPS 400V 1000/1250W DE
  • Dim levels: Soft-Off, 600W, 700W, 800W, 900W, 1000W, 1100W, 1200W
  • Power consumption @1000W is 1035W 4.5A at 230V
  • Power consumption @boost1200W is 1242W, 5.4A at 230V
  • Illumination surface:
    @1000W is min 1.4m² (15.06ft²), max 3.3m² (35.52ft²)
    @1200W is min 1.65m² (17.76ft²), max. 4m² (43.05ft²)
  • 50mm (2”) connection for active extraction
  • Dimensions 625x275x130mm (24.6”x10.8”x5.1”)
  • Weight 6.3kg (13.88lbs)

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