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Dutch Pro Take Root 1 liter

€ 39,95

Take Root is a growth stimulant. Take Root improves the inner and outer qualities of the plants. Take Root is particularly suited to recover affected plants during the growing phase. The active components of Take Rootare of natural origin, in particular the several plant hormones and, to a lesser degree, the micro-nutrients. Take Root stimulates cellular division, call elongation and nutrient transport. Take Root also slows down the ageing process and stimulates root development.

Suited for: Every irrigation system. Culture on soil, hydro and coco. To be used at cuttings and young plants.

Dosage: 100 ml op 100 liter water (1:1000)


Take Root is a food with a growth stimulant.

Available in: 1 and 5 L.

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The name Dutchpro may not sound all that familiar, but Dutchpro is in fact one of the pioneers in the field of growing our well-known crop. Some twenty years ago, the first steps were taken to develop specific nutrients by a number of growers who didn't want to settle for the growth & bloom stimulators that were available at the moment.

Setbacks were of course a part of the experiences of these pioneers, but by sticking in and the sheer conviction that this whole affair should and must be improved, eventually, a line of nutrients came into existence that met all demands. The last couple of decennia, the products have slowly evolved and Dutchpro has played their part in this. Quietly in the background, they have done their homework and developed a complete line of nutrients to fulfill all wishes of the modern grower.

After small scale producing for a select group of growers, i.e. hobbyists, Dutchpro was asked to produce also for a number of retailers. After deliberation, it was decided to grand this request, hence the origin of the company Dutchpro.
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