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Fire Extinguisher Mabo

€ 150,00

Mabo is an automatic fire fighting product which extinguishes the fire by the dispersion of a glass ampoule containing a chemical solution which remains on the burning surface as a coating that will prevent reignition. Mabo fire killer is absolutely the most effective system for fire extinguishing with a unique formula of solution contained in the ampoule of only 580 ml.

Basic use:

  • indoor only (closed spaces)
  • extinguishes fire instantaneously and completely
  • prevents reignition


  • for toxicity and environmental impacts by the EU-accredited laboratories, in accordance with strict and relevant standards that apply on all markets
  • harmless for people and environment - environment-friendly (no pollution or negative effects on the environment, people, animals, soil and plants)
  • rapid, fully biodegradable and free of residue
  • does not contain bromine or chlorine and therefore it has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Designed for class of fires (approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs):



  • A, B: 12-16 m 3 (in closed areas) -one mabo
  • B: 90 cm burning area -one mabo
  • energized electric equipment

Several usage methods for extinguishing a fire:



  • automatic extinguishing
  • when fire breaks out the solution in ampoula reacts to the heat and when solutions reaches temperature of 84C the ampoule bursts open while a dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire

Throwing the ampoule:
the ampule should be thrown against a wall or at anything that would enable the liquid to disperse over the burning area to the greatest possible extent

While extinguishing a fire the following effects occur:



  • cooling, suffocation, negative catalytic effect
  • evaporation control and fire retardant effect (preventing reignition)




  • without side effects after activation and extinguishing
  • simply to mount (on a wall or ceiling)
  • doesn t require any technical knowlege to mount and use
  • maintenance free
  • over 10 years of shelf life
  • fully replace sprinklers at the 8-10 times lower price

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