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House & Garden Multi Zyme 5 liter

€ 69,95
House & Garden Multi Zyme is a useful growth stimulator, rich in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. Multi Zyme accelerates and simplifies the growth process. It breaks down and rids the root mass of dead root matter, it also increases the plant's natural defences against diseases. Enzymes convert nutrients into easily absorbable parts making them readily available for the plant. Multienzymes contain humic acid and protein molecules, both of which are known to stimulate extremely fast root development. Stimulating root growth promotes rapid development of the rest of your plant, and helps it recover from stress.

House & Garden Multi Zyme is an essential part of any complete feeding programme.

Application: Use Multi Zymes during the first five weeks of the growth cycle. Prepare the nutrients container by first mixing the base nutrients and setting your EC values then add Multi Zyme and adjust your PH values. Start using Multi Zyme two weeks after planting out, this is the optimum time period when the plant needs to build up a resistance and increase its nutrient absorption to become strong and healthy.

Dilution rate: 1ml of Multi Zymes will make 1 litre of usable nutrient solution.

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House & Garden is the only fertilizer company that maintains its own laboratory giving them a clear advantage in the field of research and developing new products. House & Garden constantly test each batch of fertilizer for consistent quality as well as test each new product in their greenhouses before sending them to market.

House & Garden also maintains its own fertilizer manufacturing facility further ensuring you receive the highest quality products available.

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