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Lucky Reptile Thermo Recorder

€ 78,95

This Thermo Recorder is a very useful data recorder. The recorder measures the temperatures and can , with adjustable intervals from 2 seconds to store up to 16,000 points. Great for anyone who has a better feel for the climate of his terrarium and would want to get a good overview of the temperature at night have when you sleep yourself. Also very suitable for various breeding projects to keep the temperature closely and if necessary adjust .

You can use the included software and USB cable view the saved data on your computer, save and print . This table can be used as well as graphics and data can be exported to Microsoft Word , but also in an internal database of the program stored.

The device includes an external sensor , ie the device hung outside the terrarium or can be , while the sensor is in the terrarium. Laid The device can of course also be used for incubators , greenhouses, etc.

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