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Hy-Pro Plant Nutrients

The roots of Hy-Pro began in a small town outside of Amsterdam in the early 80's. Family de Lepper owned a grow shop and noticed nutrients that were available just weren't producing their desired results and yields. Long time gardeners' and perfectionists, Family de Lepper began to develop nutrition for their plants encompassing the entire plant: root system, stem, leaves, and flowers. The highest quality of elements within the nutrition system produced the best results, including Red Iron and elements from the near by North Sea.

Hy-Pro was established in 1990, with the basis for their nutrients to be Quality & Simplicity. With a nutrition system that was easy to use, and far superior in quality than current nutrition systems, Hy-Pro has become the class of the growing field throughout Europe. Hy-Pro has been consistently winning every major growing award for over twenty years from Holland to Spain.

Now available world wide, this family owned business from Holland delivers Hy-Pro Nutrients, the finest in the world, the old fashioned way. Customer service and quality comes first. Hy-Pro has remained true to their roots, "Simple Nutrition for your Maximum Yields."