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Pokon Bio Nutrition 500 ml

€ 5,95

Pokon Organic food is made from natural components. It is suitable for all potted plants, both indoors and on the patio or balcony. The natural components provides nutrition to plants and stimulates soil life. So potted plants can develop optimally.

Use 1 x weekly 10 ml per liter of water (5 ml in the winter months)
Caution: Do not use for plants on hydroponics.

The Pokon Bio Nutrition is a complex organic fertilizers with an NPK ratio of 4 +0 +6

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In the Netherlands everyone knows Pokon. That is not surprising, because Pokon exists since 1929. The green bottle with yellow cap has long been part of almost every household.

In 1929 Herman Pieter Bendien developed together with the government Horticultural consultant ir Bloemsma the first Pokon formula. The name Pokon has a direct link to this formula, because it represents the chemical composition P2O5 - K2O - N2. Also referred to as phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and nitrogen (N).
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