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Relaybox Davin DV12 2x 600 watt (plastic)

€ 80,00

Relaybox Davin DV12 is a switch box for 1500 watt. The DV12 has a Davin analogue time switch with witch you can easily switch the DV12 on and off at the desired time. The minimum switching period is 15 minutes. The DV12 is protected by a 6Amp thermal fuse.

The thermal fuse ensures that the DV12 switches off with a short-circuit or overloading. The advantage of the thermal fuse us that when the problem has been fixed you only need to press the "reset" button and the DV12 starts working again.

The DV12 works on 230v. It has a maximum power of 6Amp

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In this catagorie, you'll find default Switchboards. Of course, are also custom-made switchboards are possible. We also offer you switchboards tailored to your own specifications.

You can compile your own switchboard by using the following possibilities:

  • Lamp groups: you can choose haw many lamps you want to switch. We can inform you about the required voltage.
  • Continuous groups: these are groups that do not need switching, but can be used constantly.
  • Heater groups: these groups are used to level differences in tenperature in a room and are turned on when the lamps in the groups are turned off.
  • Temperature protection: if the temperature in a room gets to high, the switchboard will automatically adjust the temperature, either by means of the engines in the room, or by switching off lamp groups. Is the temperature is back at the appropiate level, the groups will be automatically switched on.
  • Phase control. The phase control checks if all phases are present, along with a PLC. The phase control will turn of the board if a phase is missing and turn on the switchboard if all phases are present again.
  • Time delay: with the time delay not all lamp groups ere switched on at once, but with some delay. You can set the time interval yourselfes.

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