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Root Pouch Boxer Brown 39 liter 7 gallon 40x30cm

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Root Pouch is an environmentally friendly alternative to the known plastic breeding pots. Root Pouch is made from 100% recycled materials. Plastic fibers and recycled PET bottles are mixed with natural fibers, such as jute, bamboo, or other plant fibers, and ensure that the material is completely degradable. This gives a porous breathable fabric allows air and water to pass through. A better water balance and a breathing pot contribute to a better and stronger root development so that the fertilizer into the soil in the pot is better utilized. Root Pouch is by capillary action are particularly suitable for Eb and flow systems, but can also be used with the irrigation system, or with a watering can.

Above ground shows the dust air and water for optimum air / water ratio, and provides insulation during the cold and cools during hot periods. The root tips go (and caught) by (meshes of) matter and will stop by exposure to the (dry) air growing. This word also (air pruning) and air pruning (root trapping) wortelval called and is not harmful to the plant. This way you avoid the tap roots go circling. Roots will develop in the side branches, and this leads to a fibrous root system having a plurality of root tips and thereby creates a dense, strong root growth.
Outdoor plants can be the Root Pouch into soil will stop the roots grow through the fabric and will break the pot slowly by itself.

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