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CO2 Sensor voor Maxi Controller Gas Protect

€ 660,00

This is the same as the standard CO2 sensor , but with CO ( Carbon Monoxide ) and Gas ( Natural Gas and Propane ) security. The Gas Protector monitors both gases besides CO2 content Loose CO2 sensor that can be used on the Maxi Controller. If there is a tiny leak or CO CO2 generator will burn off and the alarm light. This is to ensure the safety and prevent damage to the crop.

This sensor also controls the CO2 generator or CO2 pressure reducer valve. The sensors make use of the Dual - Beam technology which guarantees an unprecedented calibration . Other CO2 sensors are Single Beam and should thereby be regularly calibrated.

Dual Beam sensors are two sensors in one of which the measuring sensor is periodically corrected by the second sensor. Because the second sensor only 5 minutes per month asset is not outdated and no drift occurs there .

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