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Shiitake logs Small

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The shiitake mushroom is a small firm with a strong aroma. The shiitake mushroom is the most popular in Asia. For over 1000 years, shiitake grown on tree trunks.

Hand-made trunk of native oak with about dm x 10-15cm and length x approx 25cm;
Harvest 2-3 times per year x 2-3 years in the period May - November and
weight x 1.5 - 2.5 kg.
Has already once mushrooms and is in the prime of his life!

The ready-to-eat shiitake strain is already inoculated with shiitake deuvelbroed. This shiitake hyphae have needed an average of eighteen months to grow through the woods. If the weather conditions are favorable than can produce shiitake stem from mid-May to / by the end of October mushrooms. The growth of the mushrooms to help start, the tribe must scare. By dipping a trunk 24-48 hours in cold water scares the tribe so bad that shortly after mushrooms are produced. All edible logs have already once "flowered". Shiitake on oak strains under optimal conditions produce about three times a year 4-5 years (slightly shorter for the mini strains) shiitake mushrooms.

Raise the trunk or a few centimeters into the ground in a sheltered shady spot out of the sun and from the wind, the bushes or under a tree where rain can fall on the trunk. Make sure the timber mainly from drying out during a hot and / or dry summer occasional strain give a little water or dipping here. During severe winters the mushroom stem may enter into an airy environment as a barn to be put, but the fungus most winters will just survive outside. On a balcony the stem can best be put into a planter filled with soil. Keep the soil lightly moist.

Dipping can be done from mid-May each year, if the temperature is above 8 ° C and continues to ensure that the mushrooms appear. Dip the stem a day or two in cold (eg. Tap) water. Within two weeks, begin to appear the mushrooms. During a hot and / or dry long period of time will decrease the development of the mushrooms. Unfortunately, there is little can be done, and the yield must be considered as a crop.

Reactivation is possible to 6 weeks after the previous dip when the weather is favorable. After a hot and / or dry season is the best time to dip because the fungus will react well when there is a large difference between dry and warm -nat -cold again. In periods of high rainfall it makes little sense to further immerse a shiitake strain. Under these circumstances, put the trunk somewhere where it can dry out well one week and then dip.

Harvest the mushrooms as the brim is curled slightly and the hat is from the stem. Use a sharp knife to harvest and make sure there is no stalk residue remain on the trunk; otherwise there may occur rot. Let the trunk 6-8 weeks rest and then dip again. The whole process can be repeated until the outside temperature drops below 8 ° C.

Under optimal conditions, oak strain can produce about 4-5 years about 3 times a year mushrooms.

The shiitake mushroom contains a lot of protein and minerals and low in fat. The shiitake has medicinal properties, o.a.anti-tumor activity, cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure lowering effects. Shiitake mushrooms are quite spicy flavor. Dried shiitake mushrooms can be stored for a few years in a cool, dark place until they can be used 10 -20 minutes in lukewarm water again. The moisture is very tasteful. Fresh shiitake mushrooms can be stored in the refrigerator 5-6 days

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