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Eco-style Escar-Go 500gr

€ 11,50

EcECOstyle Escar-Go is the first 100% natural granular product to combat snails. Eating Escar-Go's snails will immediately lead to a feeding stop. The snail retreats to its shelter and does not return.

Sprinkle Escar-Go® around the base of the plant in good time. Think especially about your vegetable garden (including lettuce) and plants such as delphiniums and hostas. Sprinkle the grains preferably in the evening, because snails are particularly active at night.

Rainy weather unfortunately causes more nuisance from snails. Sprinkle Escar-Go® regularly to quickly solve the nuisance.

When all grains have been eaten repeat the treatment.

Active ingredient:

Ferric phosphate

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