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ABC of the vegetable garden

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ABC of the vegetable garden who dreams of not eating crispy lettuce from his garden , to prepare themselves seeded beans , enrich its dishes with fresh herbs or the real taste of tomatoes to rediscover ? ABC of the vegetable garden is the perfect guide you step by step shows how setting up your own vegetable garden. Thanks to this book is the clear images and alphabetical layout for easy reference . For each fruit and each herb is a separate section in which all acts of sowing to harvesting are described . Reserved Fertilizing, transplanting , planting , watering ... , all these techniques are clearly explained , making them feasible for everyone. This book will be your daily guide in the vegetable garden by growing your favorite vegetables and herbs.

Simple but fresh looking version of two French authors about growing vegetables , herbs and spices. They first give global guidelines for the construction of a vegetable garden and maintenance. Thereafter, they treat each of ( e ) separately ( e ) type of vegetable or herb step by step the sowing or planting up to and including the harvesting and storage . The work and harvested results are clear, instructive drawings and a few color photos. All described species thrive in the Netherlands , but they are not here all available as seed belonging . The fight against pests and diseases is treated in general. The book includes a glossary and a combined subject- and plant register. Suitable for novice gardeners who like to eat fresh vegetables.

The self-culturing interpreted in the most common vegetables and herbs step by step.

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