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BioBizz Worm humus 40L

€ 16,00

Biobizz worm humus 40 liters is 100% organic fertilizer of high quality.

It can be used to refresh All · Mix and to prepare substrate mixtures and garden soil.
Our 100% pure organic vermicompost has been tested in a laboratory and not produced with garden waste, landfill waste or compost.
This ensures the high quality of it.
The vermicompost diet consists of minerals and stones and is very controlled.
These properties in combination with the natural microbes in the soil ensure that the highest quality standards for vermicompost are achieved.

Vermicompost, or Vcompost, is the heterogeneous mixture of decomposing vegetable or food waste, underlayer material, and pure vermicompost that is produced during normal vermiculture use.
Vermicast, also known as worm excrement, worm humus or worm manure, is the final product of the decomposition of organic matter secreted by certain types of earthworm.
Because of the water-soluble nutrients and bacteria that it contains, vermicompost is an excellent nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and earth improver.

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