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Pro-XL Pro-Enzymen 5 liter

€ 182,80

The Pro-Enzymen is ideally suited to protect plant against root diseases. These Pro-enzymes also seek the regulation of the air in the substrate. Thus, the plant will grow optimally and have a better development.

Enzymes are responsible for the dead roots are simply converted into minerals and sugars, which greatly reduces the chance of infection. A clean floor is important if you want to get a good final result.

Application: In each irrigation, give 25 ml per 100 liters. 1 time per week, 50 ml per 100 liters. While rinsing, 100 ml per 100 liters. Content: Various enzyme complexes of high quality.

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Pro XL CO2 Nutritions has developed a unique food for optimal growing with co2. As the plant grows faster when adding CO2, it is extremely important that the correct nutrients are supplied. The plants need very complete nutritions for optimal developement. The products of PRO-XL Nutrients contain all the nutrients a plant needs in order to achieve optimal results when adding CO2.

For any nutritional shortages or for rebalancing PRO-XL nutrition provides the individual components.
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